187 Watson Road
Dover, NH 03822
603-742-MEOW (6369)
Hours: M-F, 8-5:30 pm
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The Cat Doctor of Dover provides compassionate care for our feline patients, along with empathy and courteous service to our clients. And we strive to nurture the special human-animal bond that exists between them. The Cat Doctor of Dover is an excellent, high quality, state-of-the-art veterinary facility for cats only.

Spring is in the air.

   How wonderful it feels outside.
We welcome the new flowers, and the longer days promise new scents and hints of exciting adventures. Our furry buddies will need some brushing as they take off their winter coats.

   Even though it's getting warmer it's a good idea to keep your cats indoors, especially after dark or during inclement weather. Get your pet a night visible collar too and a name tag. Remember, The Cat Doctor of Dover can implant a pet ID chip, so please ask us about it when you visit.

   If your pets are alone during the day, make sure they have their toys, a warm spot to nap, a window to look out of, plus plenty of fresh water - and make sure that it's changed daily. That goes for the litter box too - keep an eye on it and clean it often! Cats are clean by nature and don't like an odiferous litter box anymore than we do.

   We also want to keep reminding you to have your cat's teeth checked; please if you haven't yet, bring your kitty in for a dental exam. Read more about it here. See why here.
   Further your education on this topic by viewing
Cat Dental Care 101.

   For instance did you know that 85% of adult pets have dental disease? And that it's the single largest cause of health problems in cats?
Always remember to ask Doctor Young about your pet's dental condition.

For some interesting cat facts and some amusements visit our Cat Nips page. Welcome to the Cat Doctor

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Welcome to the Cat Doctor

For Portsmouth area Emergencies Call 603-431-3600 or 603-430-PETS to reach:
Veterinary Emergency Critical Care and Cancer Treatment Center of NH, 15 Piscataqua Drive, Newington, NH 03801, across from the Fox Run Mall, is open 24/7 for pet emergency referrals.

For Brentwood and those further south emergencies Call 603-642-9111 to reach:
Veterinary Emergency and Surgery Hospital, 175 Route 125 Brentwood, NH is open 24/7 for pet emergency referrals.

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