187 Watson Road
Dover, NH 03820
603-742-MEOW (6369)
Hours: M-F, 8-5:30 pm
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Dear Dr. Young,

When I first arrived at your clinic, I got the immediate sense that this was an animal-friendly place. I was just along "for the ride" with a friend who has a cat. I first noticed the landscaping; the bushes, flowers and herbs that you have growing. You obviously designed this with the love of animals in mind. It's like no other clinic I have ever seen.

Inside, it is homey and comfortable. I especially love the artwork and the fireplace. I got the impression that this would be a very comfortable place for someone waiting for their loved one to be finished with their visit. I also found it to be extremely clean and organized. The kitty condos are a wonderful idea. The cats have such a great place to look outside and see a bird or two. I took pictures on my visit and have shown them to some of my friends, who were very impressed.

Thank you, Dr. Young for coming up with the idea of an all cat clinic. You are truly an inspiration to this animal lover!

Linda H. F.

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