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Joann and "Family",

When my "adopted" brother, Gucci, came to live with my mom, he just appeared one day...no collar, no tag, no longer a kitten, comfortable and affectionate with people. He was given the name "Gucci" because he appeared to be a Good, Used Cat.

Indeed! After an exam, during which he was very mellow, The Good Doctor informed mother that he had been neutered, and he became part of the household, guarding it from lions, tigers and polar bears as well as providing fresh birds and mice. When mother became ill and had to move for medical care, she wanted Dr. Young to have the Good, Used Cat.
A year later when other feline members were adopted into the household, the first stop was to see The Good Doctor (Auntie Joann) for a check up and vacinations.

I've never seen a veternarian so caring, comforting and affectionate to her patients as Dr. Young

Gucci's older (people) sister, Claudia

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