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After moving from Albuquerque, NM, with my three "kids" - Coby, Sage & Timi...,I checked the yellow pages and found The Cat Doctor.

They were incredibly helpful over the phone and I immediately sensed that I had found a place that was different. Since then, both Coby and Timi have visited Dr. Young and both have had delightful experiences (how often do you say that about a trip to the vet!?!).

I decided that The Cat Doctor was the only place that I would bring my little ones when I realized how open-minded Dr. Young is. Many vets give me a very hard time about the fact that I feed my cats an all-natural, organic, homemade, raw catfood. Dr. Young simply asked me what I put into the food to provide certain nutritional requirements and, when she was satisfied that I wasn't just tossing raw meat down, made some inquiries about how the cats responded to it and then gave me some great suggestions....

Dr. Young earned my respect and the guarantee that for as long as I'm within driving distance, I'll only bring my cats to The Cat Doctor!

Anna K.
Alton, NH

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