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I would never have guessed two years ago that I would look for reasons to visit my veterinarian, but from my first visit to the Cat Doctor of Dover I recognized your compassion, and outstanding knowledge. When I adopted Oliver last year I immediately made an appointment to bring him to see you only because I wanted him to meet his wonderful new doctor “Aunt Joann“. I know that with your continued care he and I will be able to grow to a ripe old age together.

As Emelie is rather skittish I had been joking with my family for a few weeks that I should buy you a pair of long sleeved gloves to protect myself when I took her to see you, but I should have known better! She, like Oliver and Nicholas before her, recognized you as someone who has her best interest at heart and quickly decided that you were to be a lifetime friend. She not only cooperated with you but also seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience!

When I brought my eldest, Patrick, to see you I knew that he, at 18 pounds, needed to lose weight but I wasn't quite sure what steps should be taken. You recommended a change in his diet, which has resulted in a safe weight loss of a little over two pounds so far. When you showed me how badly he needed a dental cleaning I was horrified. This is something that no one had ever addressed before and the way you explained why it is so important made me realize that it was a procedure that could not be put off any longer. Your ability to explain procedures and the reasons why they should be done is invaluable.

The concern and tender care that you, Traci, and Sara showed my Nicholas during his last few months will always be a cherished memory. Knowing that I can rely on you for counsel, support, and care for Oliver throughout his life and for Patrick and Emelie as they reach their golden years is such a comfort to all of us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mary-Jo H.
Dover, NH

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