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From: Dr. Robert W.
To: The Cat Doctor of Dover
Subject: Don't Have a Cat, But I have a Grateful Dog

Dear Dr. Young,

I would like to thank you personally for taking care of my dog while you were in Pullman. I know that you have "gone to the other side" and decided that cats are more important than dogs, but Elsie (my dog) and I will forgive you. At least I forgive you.

Because of you I have learned about the importance of dental hygiene for my pet. We are still using all of the practices you taught us and I must say I think my dog has the cleanest teeth in town. I'm sure of this, because every time I try to clean Elsie's teeth she tries to tell me they are OK and shows them to me.

We sure miss you and Dr. L. here in Pullman; veterinary, nor medical care just doesn't have as much of a personal touch anymore. Anyway, I'm sure that all the people there appreciate the good care you are giving their cats. From all of us here in Pullman to all of you there back east.... Good Luck in your new practice and many happy times ahead.

Sincerely, Dr. W.
Pullman, WA

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